Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Update: Camping/Paddling Trip on May 20-21

Update: Due to what will likely be a lack of water at the Sipsey Wilderness, I am implementing a contingency plan, although it will really only affect the location, and subsequently decrease travel time. I think a nice trip will be the Cahaba River near West Blocton. The second day of the trip will include the infamous Cahaba Lilly section of the river; the lilies should be in full bloom.

We will leave early Friday morning and put in at Wallace Rd in Shelby County (downriver about 7mi from Hwy 52, where Alabama Small Boats was. From there we'll go about 11.3mi to Booth's Ford on County Road 251 (Shelby), where we'll camp. It's an uninhabited part of the river.

In the morning we'll pick up and drive a couple miles downriver to Piper Landing at River Trace where we should have a nice 6.6mi paddle down to River Bend Rd/County Rd 26 (Bibb). This section of the river is most notable for the Cahaba Lilies, which should be in bloom by now.

These plans are subject to change depending on the availability of water on these runs. If these can't be run, we'll camp and paddle at the Wheeler Wildlife Refuge on the Tennessee River. Both the Cahaba and Wheeler placemarkers can be found on the Alabama Paddling Launch Sites Map (you can either follow the provided link or peruse the map by accessing it from the top of this page).

Please confirm your attendance as soon as possible, so we can know what to expect. You can do so on the NJKC Facebook page.

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