Monday, July 25, 2011

Paddling on Saturday, July 30

Looks like rain's in the forecast for the next several days, so the only logical thing to do is plan a day on the water.

I have two runs in mind, which are dependent on the amount of rain we receive in the second half of the. The MUCH RAIN scenario has us paddling from Cold Branch Rd/5 Points Rd to Hwy 231 on the Locust Fork (9.75mi). The LESS RAIN will have us on the Cahaba River, paddling from Lovick Bridge (Hwy 78) to Grants Mill Rd (5.20mi).

Both are whitewater runs, in which we should expect to see both Class I and II rapids.

If you'd like to confirm that you'll be attending you can do so either by sending me an email (richterjwatgmaildotcom) or by "attending" the event on Facebook. Hope to see you on the water. We'll have the logistics worked out as the day approaches. 

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