Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Recreation on the Black Warrior River and Tributaries, Impaired Segments

The Black Warrior Riverkeeper has recently compiled a list of impaired segments of waterways in the Black Warrior watershed, in the greater Birmingham area. Their goal is to have the classification of these segments changed to include 'swimming', so that the public can require greater protection for these segments of river.

Locust Fork at Kings Bend
In order to accomplish this change in classification, the Riverkeeper must supply documentation (either written or photographs) of recreation occurring, either currently or historically, on these segments. So they are seeking people to submit photographs or other forms of documentation of themselves using the impaired segments (below) for recreation, such as swimming, paddling, etc. You can submit them to the Riverkeeper's email: You need only include the following information: on which portion of river the activity occurred, and what type of recreation you participate in on the segment.

Five Mile Creek near Brookside
 Area of the Black Warrior River you use for recreation:   
  • Warrior River      
    • Warrior Lock and Dam to Oliver Lock and Dam             
    • Oliver Lock and Dam to Hurricane Creek                     
  • Locust Fork        
    • Hwy 61(Maxine) to U.S. 31                                   
    • U.S. 31 to Hayden/County Line              
    • Hayden/County Line to Its source                                
  • Mulberry Fork
    • Burnt Cane Creek to Frog Ague
    • Frog Ague Creek to Junctions of Mulberry, Sipsey    
    • Junctions of Mulberry,  Sipsey Its source                                
  • Sipsey Fork            
    • Junctions of Mulberry, Sipsey Lewis Smith Dam                   
    • Lake Lewis Smith to Sandy Creek                           
    • Sandy Creek to Its source                                
  • Five Mile Creek    
    • Warrior River to Payne Lake (Talladega)          
    • Locust Fork to Its source                 
  • Hurricane Creek, Warrior River to Its source                                
  • Davis Creek, Warrior River to Its source                                
  • Valley Creek      
    • Warrior River to Blue Creek                               
    • Blue Creek to Its source                                
    • Locust Fork to Bayview Lake Dam                
    • Bayview Lake Dam to Its source                                
  • Turkey Creek, Locust Fork to Its source                                
  • Self Creek         
    • Locust Fork to Bradford’s water intake          
    • Bradford’s water intake to Its source                                
  • Gurley Creek, Self Creek to Its source                                
  • Calvert Prong       
    • Little Warrior River to Oneonta’s water intake            
    • Oneonta’s water intake to Its source                    
  • Blackburn Fork, Little Warrior River to Inland Lake Dam        
  • Graves Creek, Locust Fork to Its source                                
  • Slab Creek, Locust Fork to Its source                                
  • Lost Creek          
    • Mulberry Fork to 2m upstream of Wolf Creek   
    • 2m upstream of Wolf Creek to Cane Creek                             
    • Cane Creek to Its source                                
  • Wolf Creek, Lost Creek to Its source                             
  • Burnt Cane, Mulberry Fork to Its source                                
  • Blackwater Creek, Mulberry Fork to Its source                                
  • Ryan Creek, Lake Lewis Smith to Its source                                
  • Crooked Creek, Lake Lewis Smith to Its source                    
  • Brushy Creek     
    • Lake Lewis Smith to U.S. 278                                        
    • U.S. 278 to Its source                                
  • ClearCreek, Lake Lewis Smith to Haleyville Water Supply         
  • Rock Creek, Lake Lewis Smith to Its Source

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