Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Another Cahaba Run

Slowly but surely, one run at a time, we are scratching runs off the to-do list. On Saturday, June 25, a couple of us paddled the Cahaba from Grants Mill Rd to Old Overton Rd. This was made possible by some much-needed summer rain over the course of the previous week, but even so, there was only just enough water.

The good people of the Cahaba River Society suggest that the Mountain Brook gage should read 200cfs or greater in order to paddle, lest ye drag. We put in Saturday morning just before 9am, with the gage reading between 140-150cfs, and while there was some small amount of dragging in some of the shoals, we never had to get out and walk. This is a nice run of mostly flat water, but with enough shoals and small drops to keep it from being monotonous.

While there were several cars at both the put-in and take-out, we didn't see anyone else on the water. Our only company were cranes, fishes, and a lone copperhead (We were sure to stay clear of one another). Also we spied a great many freshwater clams.

Bluffs rise above the river's banks for much of the run, and no civilization is to be seen, except for the occasional homestead. In the second half of the run, you'll be sure to see many a downed tree; victims of the April 27 storms. Yet none managed to completely block our way; whether by the hand of God or man, I don't know.

Hopefully, this week will bring enough rain to hit the water again next weekend. Anyone else been out lately? For more information about other runs on the Cahaba, visit the NJKC's Cahaba River page.